Introducing The Invisua Masterspot 2 Track

The Invisua Masterspot 2 represents a major step forward for the display lighting industry; it takes the best elements from the original Masterspot fixture and then breaks down the barriers of what has been previously possible.



For the first time a new era of total control and ease of installation have been combined to produce this amazingly versatile display lighting  fixture.



So what makes the Masterspot 2 so special?


The Masterspot 2 fixture is the first high powered, tunable white  LED light fixture designed for display lighting applications that is suitable to mount onto standard 3 circuit global track lighting systems. All that is needed to install the new Masterspot 2 fixture is industry standard global track. That is it. It’s that simple.




Just plug-in the new Masterspot 2 fixture power it up, connect a Lightport to a power socket and you have a new world of total lighting control at your finger tips, it is that easy.


You have a accent display light fixture that can output a wide dynamic range of colour temperatures, plus the full RGB spectrum with rich saturated colours.


All this control is done wirelessly using the free #GoFilter web app.


Global track is universally used by most high street retailers and for other display lighting application,  so it makes retro-fitting this ground breaking new lighting system simple and easy. No need for expensive control or additional infrastructure wiring. Just a simple plug and play system, that will change your display lighting forever.








Extremely powerful (up to 4000Lm)
High quality white light (CRI>95)
Tunable white light 1.000K – 25.000K
Saturated colours
Unique: adjustable beam angle 12-24deg
RF control: no control wires
Sharp and clean shadows
Scene selection via smartphone, iPad, DMX or PC.

Expanded Colour Tunable Range, More Power & More Impact.




Control and performance have been expanded, Masterspot 2 has a greater more dynamic range, tunable white light colour temperatures from 1,500 to 10,000 degrees Kelvin is now possible. Lumen output of the fixture has increased to an impressive 4,000 Lumen. No need for interchangeable reflectors, beam angle of the fixture is totally adjustable on-board the fixture, with a range of 12 to 26 degrees as standard.


Control compatibility with the Invisua Create web-application is maintained giving either group control or individual control of each installed fixture.




The above are some of the key features that make the Masterspot 2 special, what makes this system really special is the fixtures performance and light quality. CRI +95 at 4,000 Kelvin, full black body dimming and pin sharp optics. Masterspot 2 offers perfect illumination for you retail display applications.



With the Invisua Masterspot 2 your display lighting will never be the same.



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