The Maker Range is a high quality innovative LED display system that allows you to build creative displays of almost any conceivable shape.


The Maker Range was built from the ground up, it is the first LED display system designed for multi-use applications. You can be use the same basic panel as a LED dance floor, a LED stage screen, a LED sky curtain or for many other creative screen applications.The Maker Range was built for easy of installation, yet built with strength to support the harshest rental environments, but ultimately the Maker Range was built for creativity.





Available for both outdoor and indoor use it is suitable for rental or fixed installations and can bring you the maximum return on your investment.






Adopting  a modular design and a unique lightweight nano-material technology the Maker Range LED panels are very strong but are also extremely light. A typical 500mm x 500mm panels weighs only 5.6KG,(including the power supply unit) this is almost half the typical weight of an equivalent competitor product. Available in  2.8mm, 3.9mm and 4.8mm pixel pitch options, (as standard) with brightness options of up to 1,200 nits for the indoor use and 6,500 nits for outdoor use.  Front and rear maintenance are available and we use a black faced LED module for increased contrast ratio.

With multiple unique accessories and easy fix connectors the Maker Range can be easily configured as a curved screen, (including inner and outer curve), S-shape screen or even a circular screen. Offset brackets allow for dislocated screens in all directions for added creativity and flexibility and with the addition of the custom panels this product offers endless opportunities.





500 x 500 cab
MR LED 012
Maker range



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