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Harrogate based Progress Lighting Limited have collaborated in a pioneering ” green solution” for illuminated outdoor advertising that can cut electricity costs by up to 80%.


Progress Lighting was commissioned to upgrade two external advertising sites at Exeter International Airport. The new light boxes were installed in February 2008 and represent two of the first external backlit advertising signs at any UK Airport to be installed with LED lighting.


The new LED Lighting in the signs offer a vast improvement on the existing Fluorescent lighting technology and will provide an headline saving of approximately 80% on the energy bills when compared to existing technology.


Although LEDs work out more expensive than the current Fluorescent based illumination, the long-term benefits cannot be ignored. The headline saving in electricity is only part of the story, there is far less maintenance with LEDs. The LED units are guaranteed for five years, and are expected to be maintenance-free for eight years. When compared to the existing technology this offers another significant saving for the airport. Fluorescent lighting begins to lose brightness after around 12 to 18 months, although they can actually blow at any time. When factoring in the installation conditions, the efficiency of Fluorescent during the Winter Months is reduced and the failure rate increases. The LED lights also offer move even illumination that will benefit any potential advertisers.


The Two new displays will initially advertise Flybe, which is based at the airport. The larger of the two hoardings publicises city breaks and measure 12 meters x 3m (referred to in the industry as 96-sheet); while the other is for beach holidays and is 6m x 3m (48-sheet). The larger sign has 540 LED modules each with six high bright LEDs per module, while the smaller sign has 270 modules.


Exeter Airport is looking to become carbon neutral across all its non-airside operations by 2012, and it is estimated the saving on electricity by using LEDs in the new advertising signs means, the installation costs will be paid for inside two years and over the total life expectancy of the LEDs the Airport will save over 25 tons of Carbon emissions.


Progress Lighting is continuing to develop new markets for this exciting new lighting technology.

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