B Series Strips - RGB, Block Controllable

The B series intelligent LED-Strips are equipped with high quality, high efficient RGB LEDs. The B series LEDs can only be activated and controlled in a single block. They provide an ideal LED light source for accent, linear, edge lighting applications for which only one solid light colour is required. The B series is available in 25mm and 12mm pixel pitch, with strip lengths of 125mm, 250mm and 500mm in both resolutions.




The ability to easily connect the B series strips makes this an extremely versatile product. The strips are plug and play and many connection combinations can be achieved, uses strips of differing lengths or use the strips in combination with our addressable LED tile products. This allows for a greater creative thought process to be used when working with this product. Thanks to the proprietary Lehmann-Modulation technology, wide and linear brightness control is possible, even at the lower intensity range, as is flicker-free dimming that is suitable for TV set and installations that require cameras.




The B series LED-Strips can be used for wide range architectural and creative lighting applications. Examples could be accent lighting on walls and floors, display counters or bar elements, use in edge lighting for light-boxes or along a concealed coving, TV studio lighting sets, retail design and on trade fair or exhibition stands.




The distance between the individual LEDs is designed to offer a homogeneous and even illumination, when used for backlight applications. The spacing needed to achieve even surface illumination is dependent on the diffuser material. It is typically around 5cm, when measured from the upper surface of the LED board to the rear of the diffuser material. The LED-Strips are mounted with small board holders, that can be fixed directly into any support structure or the buildings fabric. The LED tiles can of course be used without a diffuser or mounted much closer to the diffuser material; this can result in a very creative end solution.




We have various options available for controlling and powering up the B series LED-Strips. They can be connected to our Long Distance Controller, the Sys One controller or System 4 and 4E Power Supplies (with Intelligence). For smaller installations, the LED-Strips can be connected via simple 70W plug in power supply and if dimming is desired we offer the, Big Intelli Monochrome standalone controller. The B series LED-Strips are plug-compatible with the full range of existing intelligent RGB LED system from Progress Lighting. Using a special cross cable, each of the three RGB channels can be used to activate the LED-Tiles into three separate groups each assigned to a channel with independent control. Thanks to the integrated current regulator, even long power lines do not result in a decrease in brightness.




There are countless combinations available when using our B Series LED-Strips. The boundaries are our generally our limitations, but with intelligence? Of course.





  • High-quality Premium LEDs
  • Optimum RGB colour mixing in an SMD-component (no coloured shadow)
  • Automatic Addressing System (Smart-Link ) –no addressing at the board
  • Free patch, colour change and scroll text control software
  • Wide emission angle 115°
  • Linear flicker free light dimming, (suitable for live camera installs)
  • Can be directly connected to 24V DC and DMX 512
  • Even brightness, due to integrated linear regulator
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • Individual colour calibration & Subsequent  in-service calibration possible
  • through hole plug connectors, perfect for rental or temp installs.
  • Higher contrast due to black lacquered board
  • Flexible fibre glass-reinforced board, with various mounting options
  • Low surface temperature
  • System compatibility
  • Made in EU
B Series Strips

B Series Strips

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