C Dots

C-Dots is a new revolution in LED RGB individual pixel control. C-dots can be used as freely arranged lighting elements to suite your own needs. Gone are the constrictions of line arrays or matrix arrays, lack of free thinking and creativity is now your only restriction.


C-Dots open up new and more creative design possibilities for you. Since the Dots have no boundaries and are not fixed to a grid like most linear or matrix LED solution. Combining the C-Dots with acrylic rods, three-dimensional ceilings or wall areas can be created easily and cost-efficient. The C-Dots can be easily combined with all other . Circles, animated contours of a company logo, curved lines or free form displays, your creativity will as no limits.



The C-Dots can be easily combined with all other C Series products and is a member of the generation 3 range of products. In order to control the C-Dots you’ll need the C20 Intelligence controller. Each Dot is individually colour-fabricated so more precise shades of white and pastels can be achieved.  What’s more, the Series C LED Dots can be dimmed making them more functional. Thanks to our Smart Link Technology, the elaborate addressing of the single Dots is eliminated. The C20 Intelligence controls the Series C LED Dots.  Power is drawn from the 4E System Power Supply 4E or the Sys One controller, for smaller installations use an appropriate plug-in power supply. Pixel-accurate control of the C-Dots can be achieved with lighting boards, media servers or with our Pixel-Gate video converter via the Ethernet interface of the 4E System Power Supply.  

C Dots Ceiling

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