What inspires you?


There is so much in our world to be inspired by. The beautiful shapes and vibrant colours found in nature…The flowing movement of water… The curve of a mountain road… The blanket of fresh fallen snow… The form and function of progress… The excitement of being first… Find your inspiration.



Then let your imagination flow.



What kind of designs would you create if a new lighting medium removed the traditional constraints that come with your craft?



Imagine the new options for shapes and materials that could be integrated into your work. What if every day lighting could be intriguing art that illuminates the environment…





flex 14


A new lighting medium and lighting technology that feeds the creative side of luminaire and lighting design.



Experience this new innovative flexible light sheet that inspires and simplifies the lighting design process. Elevate the Art of Design knowing you can now incorporate any material you desire into your products while still providing high quality lighting.




FLEXI-LED Light sheet brings to the market the premise to enable and unlock differentiated lighting design. Flexi-LED utilises a highly dense pattern of LEDs on a thin plastic substrate, delivering similar characteristics of OLEDs but with the reliability, performance and price of LEDs.


This new medium for lighting combines the mechanical, electrical and LED source together into a flexible sheet of light that runs so efficiently and cool that no additional heat sink or secondary thermal extraction is required. Flexi-LED Light sheet comes in a variety of widths and lengths which can be tiled together to create large panels and long sections, allowing for truly unique form factors. The light sheet is CE and UL Listed and fully dimmable with standard commercial dimmers allowing for ease of integration and design. Flexi-LED Light sheet will change the way lighting is applied to space by blurring the lines between lighting equipment and the architectural environment.





Set your imagination free….



Discover Flexi-LED light sheet and let Progress Lighting help you create your next generation range of luminaires or transform your next lighting scheme with this amazing creative light technology.




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