love neon

Neon signs have been around for nearly 100 years, so has truly stood the test of time. Due to the wide range of colours available, and the continuous light source that they emit, neon signs are undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching light sources available. It’s a well known fact that the human eye is naturally drawn to light. Therefore a neon lighting is an excellent light source to use for advertising or for creative displays for your business.



Whilst it’s retro appeal and bright colour rendition is undeniably eye-catching. Neon lighting does have a reputation for fragility and the need for specialist installation.

So, imagine if there was a modern alternative! A LED alternative!



An illuminated piece of signage that has all the pizzazz of neon, but with none of the drawbacks of old last century technology. Where your creative designs could be translated with more accuracy and with more precise shaping than ever before?



Progress Lighting has that alternative. LED Neon Flex.


A Flexible LED product that looks and feels like Neon lighting. It is created using solid state LED lights encapsulated in flexible plastic tubes. As the name suggests, it is highly flexible. LED Neon Flex can be bent to a minimum radius of 4 cm, and can be easily cut to length. Various colour options are available which can be configured with the wide range of accessories to create unique designs to fit your needs. Using the Progress Lighting range of LED Neon Flex you can forget thin fragile glass tubing or specialist installation. Just simple long lasting environmentally friendly linear LED lighting designed with the purpose of replacing traditional neon signs.



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