M Series Tile - Monochrome, individually controllable

Whether used as a direct display or for backlighting larger areas, our intelligent addressable LED Tiles are ideally suited for projects that want to make statement. Use in showrooms, retail and hospitality as a display or part of a wider lighting scheme, our LED Tiles provide extensive possibilities to extend your creative flare.



The LED tiles are available in monochrome block-controlled (series L) and individually controllable (series M) modules or RGB group control (series B) and individual controlled (series C) versions. With nine shades of White, from Warm White (2700K) to Cool White (6500K), also available in single colour Amber, Red, Green, Blue and full colour RGB, and these tiles have true versatility.

The M series LED-Tile is equipped with premium quality, efficient, monochrome or White LEDs. Each LED can be individually addressed and controlled, we offer Three resolutions within the M series range, (6mm, 12.5mm and 25mm). The M series could be used for applications such as dynamic surfaces, scrolling text, or animated light effects. The M series can even take a signal form a video source.


The M series LED-Tiles are available in seven different shades of white and four colours:

  • Warm white (2700K, bulb)
  • Warm white (3000K)
  • Warm white (3500K)
  • Neutral white (4000K, fluorescent lamp 840)
  • Cold white (5000K)
  • Cold white (5700K)
  • Cold white (6500K, daylight)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Amber



The M series is a Generation 3 product and offers multiple control protocols, DMX, ArtNet, DVI and SDI, it can also read the Dynamic Pixel Bus Protocol (DBP).By using the DBP, more LED-Tiles per output are available (up to 3,072 channels). A variable transmission rate enables the best, customized balance of channel count, frame and error rate. The system speed can easily reach the 60 fps update rate and switching between DMX and DPB is possible at all times.

The M series firmware can be updated from a central point via the network, which also means that future standards or developments can be supported. Each tile sends status information such as temperature, data error rate, input voltage or LED defects back to the control system so a problem-free remote diagnosis can be made at any time. The M series is a true solid state LED intelligence system.

  • High-quality Premium LEDs
  • Even colour reproduction (ANSI batch selected)
  • Wide emission angle 115°
  • Linear flicker free light dimming.
  • Dimmable in a way suitable for camera
  • Can be directly connected to 24V DC and DMX 512
  • Even brightness despite various supply line lengths due to integrated linear regulator
  • Extremely robust and reliable
  • Individual color calibration of fitted LEDs & Subsequent calibration possible
  • Can be re-used for multiple applications with connected (through hole) plug connectors
  • Higher contrast due to black lacquered board
  • Flexible fibre glass-reinforced board, with various mounting options
  • Low surface temperature
  • System compatibility
  • Made in EU​

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