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Dutch Theatre de Vest Alkmaar, have recently chosen the Moodspot, Tunable white LED fixture as a replacement for its auditorium lighting. With this unique LED light fixture, it is possible to create the same atmosphere as traditional halogen lights.

The Moodspot is directly controllable, using DMX512 and is perfectly dimmable down to 0%. The colour temperature of the fixture can be simultaneously or separately controlled offing precise control and exacting light output.



In this Installation A total of 56 suspended versions of 2000 lumen Moodspots illuminate the seating area in the theatre auditorium. Each row of 8 Moodspots  is powered by a single 240W power supply, and is independently controlled through DMX512. Each row is addressed separately and configured in two – channel mode. This mode allows intensity and colour tone to be controlled separately. Colour temperature is adjustable from 4000K to 1400K with smooth Black body dimming across the entire range.



Due to the reliable long lasting LED technology used, changing lamps no longer necessary. Maintenance cost have been reduced and overall energy consumption is down by over 70%. Measurements taken at the time of the install show the light intensity measured at seating level in the middle of the auditorium is 150 lux at a colour temperature of 3000K. Resulting in a perfect atmosphere applied by Moodspots fro this venue.



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10 March

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