High Voltage Led Neon Flex light, 220/240V, 16x27mm


Model: HV-S801627-240


This 220/240V Led Neon Flex light has short cutting lengths, which makes it ideal material for signs. With 80 LED’s per meter, slim 16mm x 27mm profile and over 10 vivid colours available as standard this make the S801627 an ideal replacement for glass neon signs. With 80 LED’s per meter inside, and wrapped by injected PVC body.


This flexible Led Neon Flex light, which is cuttable at certain lengths & easy to reconnect, can be used in many application where glass neon light can be used. Moreover, it’s widely used as contour lighting or facade lighting to decorate or highlight building facades, bridges, walls, eaves…etc.

  • Elegant effect, with surface lighting instead of point lighting
  • Flexible to bent, and cuttable each meter at any of the cutting marks
  • 220V/240V high voltage with a max. loading of 180m per power cable
  • 110V, and 24V products available
  • Vibration free, safe transportation & easy handling
  • Less than 4.9W/m for most colours, energy saving
  • Vivid colour, and 10 colours available, same effect as traditional glass neon lights
  • Medium size, can be used outdoors/indoors

Power:<9.8W/m for Pink, <4.9W/m for other mono-colours
Input voltage:220/240V
Leds/meter: 80 Leds/m
Package: 50meters per reel
Cut length:1m for Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Green/Purple/White/Warm White/Lemon Yellow, or 0.5m for Pink
Max Loading:180m for Red/Yellow/Orange Led Neon Flex light, 160m for Blue/Green/Purple/White/Warm White/Lemon Yellow Led Neon Flex light, or 80m for Pink Led Neon Flex light
Led type: DIP Led
Colour:Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Green/Purple/White/Warm White/Lemon Yellow/Pink
Jacket Colour:Milky jacket/ Crystal jacket/ Coloured-jacket (depending on the colours)
CE, RoHS:compliant


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