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Progress Lighting Limited recently completed the installation of a new low energy Solid State LED lighting solution that is helping illuminate the new Warehouse store at Westfield Stratford City. The new lighting system provides a greener more energy efficient solution and is used to light up 3 large roof lights to the newly opened store. The results of using the new solid state LED lighting solutions is a dramatic 75% reduction in the headline energy usage, when comparing this new lighting system to more traditional methods.


The design concept for the new Westfield store required 3 large ceiling voids to be lit-up as if they were roof-lights. The client wanted them to replicate bright daylight conditions and have the feel of light flooding into the store from outside, even though the store is situated in the middle of the Westfield Stratford shopping mall on the ground floor and has no direct external access to daylight. The 3 areas in question were built to look like they were lean-to roof lanterns. Constructed with exposed roof rafters, acrylic used in place of glass and it was our job to install the lighting in the ceiling void behind the acrylic to reproduce the daylight conditions required.


Key factors that needed to be considered by the design team at the design stage were:

  • How to achieve the high ambient lighting levels required.
  • How to manage thermal build-up over the large surface areas in question.
  • How to ensure energy costs were kept to minimum levels.
  • Ensure the lights had the correct colour temperature and colour rendering.


A lighting system that could address all of the above issues needed to be found, all of which would have been a real course of concern if a conventional lighting solution was used. The traditional method of lighting up this type of installation would have been to install a grid of open frame fluorescent battens in the void behind the acrylic. The end result, even using the most efficient T5 models, would mean a total electrical load in the region of 11,000 watts. Add to this this heat dissipation issues, that would have increased ventilation costs and high installations costs. Clearly, not a solution that provides the client with value for money.

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