Make your first impression count.

Your shop window is one of the most important areas of your retail space. Your shop window should not only entice people to come and enter your store, it also plays a big role in showcasing your brand identity to your customers. Your shop window is literally giving your customers or potential customers the first impression about your shop, your brand, and your products.


Visually interesting shop window


Basic requirement for good shop window lighting is the use of the right type of accent lighting solution, it needs to provide enough light output, with a high light quality, a narrow beam and the right colour temperature.


Realising the right contrast ratio is vital in creating a visually interesting shop window. Low contrast ratios will results in a flat and boring window setting, whereas higher contrast ratios, (10:1 or higher) make the products on display standout and a more visually appealing setting.


The right colour for the product


The most common colour temperature for shop window lighting is a warm white around 3,000 degrees kelvin. But is this the best colour temperature for all products?


A leather jacket will look better with warmer 2,500 degree Kelvin light, while a bluish summer dress will look better in cooler 4,000 degree Kelvin light. The same applies for jewellery, the perfect light for lighting Gold is a warm: 2,700 degree Kelvin, versus a cool: 4,000-5,000 degrees Kelvin is perfect for Silver.

Ideally your shop window lighting should be flexible and be adjusted to the products that will be on display.


This is exactly what the invisua masterspot lighting system is offering;


High quality tunable white lighting, with a high light output, a narrow beam with low glare to present every product in the best possible way!


Dynamic lighting that will attract more people.


To make your shop window really stand out, the masterspot lighting solution offers various additional lighting design possibilities.


With the masterspot system you can introduce dynamic lighting.


Combining different colour temperatures into one single lighting scene will instantly make your shop window look much more interesting. Our experience shows that when cooler white light is used for the background, and warmer light is used for the product in the foreground, the shop window will look more dramatic and have greater contrast.


Creating lighting scenes with dynamic elements, like subtle intensity variations in the output of the spotlighting fixtures will attract attention. People are very sensitive to variations in light intensity. Also, a dynamic lighting scene that for example mimics a sunrise can be very appealing and create a feel good factor that will help draw attention to your store.



To gain an impression of what is possible with the Masterspot system take a look at this short video, starring our model EVE.

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